Settlement Component


An actual HMG IS2 Full Accreditation Statement based on an actual ITSHC – an actual security audit by Deloitte, one of the Big Four audit firms – which demonstrates the auditor’s reputation has been put on the line, as well as the legal liability shouldered by such an audit.
Author: George McLeod, National Accreditation Manager, NPIA

Judge Walker has said that the audit component primarily benefits TD Ameritrade, not the class.  Here’s why I think a good audit component substantially benefits the class.  (more…)

This IS a good piece of software.

I’ve used it, and found it was roughly comparable to similar suites from the big guys: Norton/Symantec and McAffee. (Like all of them, it will cause problems on some PCs.)

However, as a component of the settlement there are significant issues: (more…)

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