Thank Yous are due to many folks who helped me in this mission.

Thanks first of all to Greg Beck and the other fine folks at Public Citizen, and who support their work.

Some I hesitate to acknowledge in public – the lawyers and others who advised me, especially during the period I lacked adequate counsel, and the folks that helped me find new counsel.  Private thanks to these Good Samaritans will have to suffice.

Thanks to the whistleblowers who helped to clarify how much (in particular, how little) TD Ameritrade has been doing to protect clients.  Their surprising decision and ability to help has moved the case forward significantly.

Thanks to the fellow class members who encouraged me and provided moral support.

Thanks to the clients who stood by me.

NEW: Thanks to everyone behind WordPress for the software and hosting. (But note: the ad income goes to WordPress.  I don’t get any income from the (minimal) advertising on this site; the ads, which I don’t see when I visit the site, aren’t put there by me; I didn’t even realize they were any at first; if you feel the site shouldn’t have ads, you can cover the cost of the Ad-Free Upgrade ($30/year), and it won’t have any.