Welcome to Trials and Tribulations, a.k.a. caringaboutsecurity.wordpress.com, a.k.a. AMTD.elvey.com.

I’ve finally (belatedly!) started a blog where I can post about my case.  I want a place where I can say things in my own words.  I want to avoid spin, misquotations and misrepresentations.  The issues in this case are often complicated.  I’ve put too much of my heart and soul into this case to have things thrown off course.  I have literally put months of my time into researching and bringing the complaint, and consistently following and attempting to fulfill my duties as class rep to the best of my ability.

Wired has some coverage and some commentary on the case from yours truly (read all the way to the bottom of the wired threat level page).  I’ll put up links to Google and google news and usenet and so forth as needed…

Read of my efforts to be an exemplary class rep. in the Elvey v. TD Ameritrade, Inc. pump-n-dump spam and Identity Theft litigation.

I discovered the information security breach by which the Social Security Numbers of all 6.3 million AMTD customers were compromised and proved that criminals, namely identity thieves, had gained access to the database they were in.

There are about a dozen settlement components I’d like to comment on, or have already commented on.  I welcome your feedback; just use the form on the bottom of most pages on the site, including this one.